A Baby Changes Everything! My Journey to Bethlehem and A List of My Favorite Christmas Things

Two Thousand years have passed since the birth of Jesus but to me it feels like it could have been yesterday. My journey to Bethlehem actually started about 40 years ago when as a child. I saw the TV mini-series Jesus of Nazareth. My Mom and Dad where not churchgoers. We never spoke of spiritual things. I didn't have a bad childhood. I don't have bad memories really of any kind. But I felt something missing and even at a young age the story and visual images of Jesus captured me. A Baby Changes Everything! I remember asking my Mom and Dad if we could go to church. My mom suggested to Dad that it might be a good idea. My Dad said no, but that we could if we wanted to. Mom took me once, I

“I am Ruined!” How to enjoy the historical and archeological sites of Israel

I am a sucker for ruins! It’s one of my favorite parts of visiting countries that have ancient cultures. Taking a nap sitting on a Roman column to try to recoup from jetlag while waiting to tour the Coliseum in Rome, check! Walking the ancient streets of Ephesus and standing in the spot that Paul baptized new believers, check! So imagine how excited I was to find out that we were going to get the chance to go to Israel. Many days of our itinerary included just this sort of opportunity. For this blog post, I will be sticking to purely the archeological sites and topography. Many of these places had roots to stories in the Old Testament and some from the time of Jesus. But I will save som

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