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Hello! I'm Laurie Haag and welcome to my crazy, chaotic, fun & unpredictable life! I am a wife. I've been married for 32 years to my (mostly) fabulous husband, Bryan. I am a mother. I have 4 adult daughters. Is it weird that my favorite book as a child was Little Women? If I had known ahead of time that I was going to have 4 girls, I would have seriously been tempted to name them Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. But instead I have my Keri, Sydney, Courtney, and Shelby ranging in age from 32-25. I am a Mimi. I have 5 spunky, cute and precious grandchildren. Yes, I finally got some boys in there! These wonderful little ones are named Liya, Acelynn, Keagan, Eilly & Avery. They range in age from 13-5 years old. Again, in reference to Little Women, I begged my daughters to let my grandma name be "Marme". They weren't having it! 

In the middle of all the family craziness, I also own a small town wedding empire which includes a Venue, Event Planning Center, Beauty Lounge and Bridal Boutique. You might call me a wedding guru or even a wedding fairy godmother.

I'm forever Dreaming & Scheming. I love Fashion and Travel. I love when a  great plan comes together.  On any given day you can find me at a Starbucks, Target, or Anthropolgie Store. On a really great day, you'd find me at all three. My life goal is to just simply make friends wherever I go and to try to make people feel valued and important. I may not have the perfect life or do things perfectly.

But I sure am enjoying living The Laurie Life... perfectly unperfect!      

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